News from Mrs. Green

Wow! Where has October gone? November will be both busy and fun. We have moved on from estimation, adding whole numbers and money, rounding and decimals in math and will learn beginning algebra and division. In Social Studies so far we have learn the geography of NY., and will move onto Native Americans and how they lived, and hunted for food. The students are working on a project (an Indian village).

In ELA we will continue preparing for the exam later this year by using different reading and writing strategies. We are also beginning Writing Roadmap, which is an Internet based writing program based on the six traits of writing.

Religion students have been learning how we see God in our every day living, through creation and the world around us. They will move on to the Ten Commandments. In science we have looked in microscopes to see what cells look like. The students will learn about the skeletal, muscular, respiratory and circulatory systems next. Reading will bring us to new stories such as “Letters Home from Yosemite”, “What Jo Did”: and “Coyote School News."